School Interior Design

Houston County Career Academy

Warner Robins, Georgia

Interior Design for Houston County Career Academy in Warner Robins, GA

To be a star you must shine your own light….

The Houston County Career Academy is a galaxy glittering bright with possibilities. The star-studded show begins with a brilliant array of celestial blues, grass greens and sparkles of silver accents setting the scene for a world of opportunities. Colorful career canvases shoot up the walls to encourage one to reach for the stars and dream big. An explosion of various textures, spontaneous patterns, and an assortment of hues illuminate the mind and shed light on exploring new paths into the 21st century. Shining bright, the CA Cafe is the core of HCCA. Clusters of cutlery stars twinkle among the swirls and checks creating constellations to entice the pallet and lift the culinary spirit. The stellar design radiates energy and reminds students to shine their brightest. At Houston County Career Academy the sky is truly the limit and everyone can be a star.


Houston County Career Academy