Cafeteria Interior Design

Gordon Central High School

Calhoun, Georgia

You can almost hear the war drums beating…. feel the anticipation… and even taste the excitement at the Tomahawk Cafe found in Warrior territory at the Gordon Central High School. Set against an amber background lapis blues, silvers and turquoise accents paint the designs with native color. Surrounding the cafeteria are metal surfaces filled with a rhythmic pattern that could even entice a Gordon High Warrior to lunch. Upon entering, taking a leading role, the nutritional designs create a constant reminder to make healthy choices and encourage you to select from any of the serving lines. The Cherokee Chow Down and the Pit Oven Pizza seem to be a favorite among the Warriors. Textured canvas tapestries illustrating academics, the arts and exercise are embellished with wooden feathers, beads and leather. These serve as a motivator to stay focused and fight for your dreams. But truly the pride of the Tomahawk Cafe is the 5 foot silver medallion precisely inlayed with a flood of colors. Through the impressive mix of materials the Tomahawk Cafe at GCHS serves to create Pride in the Tribe and promote Pride in your Health.