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Explore Studio 84 Designs’ collection of vibrant, custom visuals for school interiors and cafeterias. With over 21 years of experience, our gallery showcases logos, signs, and educational banners that boost nutrition awareness, enhance school spirit, and create inviting spaces for students.

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Taylor County Schools

Our recent project at Taylor Schools showcases our commitment to modern, flexible design solutions that boost school spirit and promote community growth.


Crisp County Middle School

Our design project at Crisp County Middle School elevates school spirit through vibrant signage and graphics featuring the school’s colors and mascot transforming the school into a more engaging and spirited environment.



Bonaire Primary School

At Bonaire Primary School, Home of the Bobcats, our design features a cartoon bobcat mascot tailored to young students, translucent window graphics in the cafeteria, and custom metal signage with inspirational messages.


Hutchings College and Career Academy

Discover the enhancements at Hutchings College and Career Academy, where strategic design elements foster an inspiring and supportive educational environment.


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