About Us

Studio 84 Designs is a graphic design and sign business offering a professional approach to visual communications.  A degree in art and education has been a perfect match for designing school cafeteria interiors throughout the south east.


With 21 years of professional art experience and 7 years in business we are proud to be designing with a purpose and a contagious appeal.  It is a pleasure working with the nutrition directors as we strive to be effective in promoting nutrition education.  In marketing their programs using the recipe of brand identity and visual aids we create an inviting cafeteria atmosphere which strengthens our goal towards increased participation and heightened health awareness.


The design is an integral part of the marketing plan incorporating custom logos and cafeteria signs, attention-getting serving line signs, hanging banners reiterating character education, and artful designs portraying health, scholastics, exercise, and school spirit all resulting in an attractive and appetizing environment. Throughout the process we are dedicated to creating top quality designs with the most durable materials available.

We at Studio 84 Designs, take great pride in our designs and craftsmanship in an effort to produce a comprehensive nutritional design package that is informative, aesthetically pleasing, timeless, and will ultimately create a healthier student.